How to Create an Inexpensive, Unique Graduation Party Decoration

An easy, inexpensive, but standout graduation party decoration is a memory collage. Decorating a large tri-fold foam poster board with photos and other memories from your loved one’s high school career is a unique decoration that can be cherished long after the party is over. This is an easy project, so no matter what level your artistic ability, you will be able to create a great collage!

Supplies you will need:

  • Tri-fold (so that it will stand on any surface on its own, eliminating the necessity of an easel) thick poster board
  • Markers and/or poster paint
  • Other decorative items: Glitter, confetti, etc (Search the craft section of your local Wal-Mart, Target, etc, for ideas!)
  • Photos of your loved one and other memorabilia, i.e., copies of awards, college acceptance letter, etc.
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to create an appealing memory collage:

  1. Select a piece of poster board in a color that corresponds with either the graduate’s high school colors, their future college’s colors, or the theme of your party. You should buy the largest size you can find, so that you can decorate it with many memories.
  2. Now, sort through pictures and other memorabilia and choose what you’d like to include on the collage. Try to make copies of everything, as you will be cutting and gluing everything to the poster board. You may want backups.
  3. Now that you have everything assembled, arrange the photos amp; whatever else you have decided to include on the poster board. Leave space at the top for a title, and leave a third of the board blank, so that guests can add their own personalized messages. Glue everything in place once you are content with how it is arranged.
  4. Add a title to the top with the poster paint or the markers. Something like Congratulations (loved one’s name) or Class of 20xx is appropriate. Also feel free to put your own special message. If you wish, decorate the border with glitter, streamers, confetti, etc.
  5. Before your party begins, find a place to prop up your poster board where it will be the center of attention, and easy for guests to access. Put a small table near the entrance to wherever you are holding the party, and put the collage there. Also put several markers nearby, so as guests enter, they can add their own personalized message to the graduate.

You now have a great party decoration that won’t end up in the trash once the party is over!