Graduation Decorations that Are Easy and Inexpensive

Everyone these days is trying to save money, so when it comes to your loved one or friend who is graduating, you still want to be able to celebrate. Below find some do-it-yourself decorations for a party, a room, a home or a table that will be inexpensive to make, but just as wonderful to enjoy.

Homemade Banners or Signs

If you have white (or any light color) printer paper at home, or any sort of plain, 8X11 paper, you can make a sign or banner by very neatly pasting or taping them together (the back-side). Whether you have beautiful writing, or you use your computer printer, this is a fun and creative way to show your appreciation for the graduate.

Photos, Albums, Frames

Since you most likely have photos already in your possession, this is also an inexpensive and fun way to decorate. Use your poster size pictures, digital picture frames and albums of the graduate and their school years to decorate a room or party.


Streamers are very inexpensive to buy and can be used very creatively. Whether you choose the graduate’s favorite color(s) or the school colors, streamers can be very festive. If you use a ceiling, you can do a pattern. For all kinds of streamers: STREAMERS


If you are a baker, or know someone who is, baked goods can be great decorations.
Make a cake that looks like a graduation hat, a set of books, or shaped into the year they are graduating:
for ideas: CAKES.
Do the same with cupcakes which can be made into shapes and towers etc.. for ideas: CUPCAKES
Cookies can also be turned into fun decorations: for ideas: COOKIES

Parting Gifts

It can still be fun to get a “goody bag”, no matter what age you are. Using Diploma paper, write (or print) fun facts about each guest, (to personalize it more,) and the graduate. Roll it up, diploma style, and tie it (ribbon or string). At the end of the party, hand them out as guests leave. For an even cheaper alternative, some computer programs have diploma graphics you can print out onto your regular printer paper.