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If you’re tired of entering to-do lists into your smart phone’s calendar only to forget them a few days later or have ever been confused with a number of events you’ve RSVP’d to on Facebook because there just so many of them, you could benefit from the app Cue, which is only available for iOS

The app is the newest incarnation of the search engine Greplin, which created in February 2011 by Daniel Gross, writes USA Today. Gross and his company decided to take the leap and create something new for smart phones, as they know all too well that many people depend on their gadgets to help organize their busy lives.

According to the official site, Cue’s app helps prepare a daily schedule for you once you link your email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, Google Calendar, Facebook, and any other social media websites that you are active on. The app puts all the information together and uses algorithms to create a personalized timeline for your day. They’ll display everything you need to know: confirmation numbers, contact details, phone numbers, and more. Plus, you will also be able to do things like track packages, check a flight status, or even tap a person’s name to see your most recent communication with them and check their social media profiles to see if they’ve updated.

As an example, Lifehacker writes, let’s say you put in an event in your Google calendar. Cue will scour all your emails until it finds the ones related to the event and you’ll be able to access them easily without having to dig through your inbox. Cue will also easily connect the contact information of the people you’ve been emailing with, so you can call or text them without a hassle.

However, while accounts like Gmail, AOL Mail, Twitter, and Facebook are free of charge, if you want to use Reddit, Tumblr, or Pinboard you’ll have to refer Cue to your friends. Plus, to use all the accounts mentioned above plus Basecamp, Yammer, or Evernote, you’ll have to pay for a premium account with Cue.

While Cue is an excellent app if all you need to do is help daily schedule activities and major events, Lifehacker notes that there are still bugs in the system that need to be stamped out. For example, Cue will often confuse contacts if there’s another person with the same name and it is prone to crashing on its users. Cue is also well known for taking a long time to update, even if it says that it finished.

Despite these issues, Cue is a great app that can help you manage your daily tasks and make sure that important events don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of a very busy schedule.


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