DIY Graduation Guestbooks

If you’re graduating soon, (or planning a party for a loved one’s graduation) first off: CONGRATS! I worked my butt off through high school and college, so believe me, I know the feeling. This is a remarkable time in your life that you’ll want to remember forever, so what better way than a guestbook?

A guestbook doesn’t have to be friends and family signing their name on a plain book. It can be as creative as you are.

One popular idea is to frame a picture and have everyone sign the matte around the frame. It’s relatively cheap, and once it’s signed, the only step left is hanging it up. Voila! Memories to last a lifetime.

A more creative approach is to buy fabric patches and have guests write a heartfelt message to the recent grad. Then, after the party, have the patches sewn together to create a blanket or quilt. If the grad is starting college in the fall, buying tee shirt material for the blanket is a dorm room favorite, and it’s a great thing to have for those homesick days (which, promise me, you’ll have a few!)

Another idea is a journal. Everyone could have a separate page to write memories or advice. If a plain journal doesn’t fit your style, consider scrapbook paper. It would give everyone a chance to let their creativity flow, and you could get it professionally bound after the party.

For you high tech kids, a video guestbook is a great way. Plus, a DVD is something they’ll be able to keep with them.

Have each guest bring a picture of the graduate, and glue the picture to a piece of paper and write about that memory.

If you don’t want to just have journals and books and pages, consider what the grad is studying. Is the grad a musical genius? Buy a used guitar online and have everyone sign them. Was it a graduation from an arts college? Consider buying a plain canvas for everyone to sketch and/or sign. You know the grad better than anyone. Find a way to incorporate their personality into something just for them. The possibilities are endless.